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Peter Anthony has been a freelance contributor to Numismatic News. He has also been extensively quoted in Forbes Magazine on numismatic investments. Peter is the author of the Gold and Silver Panda Buyer's Guide. and publisher of the Panda Pricepedia price guide to Chinese coins.

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Going to the Long Beach Coin Expo?
Eat at the Starling Diner in Long Beach

"This is my favorite place in Long Beach.... The food is fresh and creative. The Bloody Mary is awesome."

Starling Diner, Long Beach

Starling Diner
4111 E. Third St.
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China Releases 2015 Pandas

         Panda coins

Denominations and mintages:

1kg Gold, 10000 Yuan, mintage 500
5 oz Gold, 2000 Yuan, mintage 5,000
1 oz Gold, 500 Yuan, mintage 1,000,000
1/2 Gold, 200 Yuan, mintage 600,000
1/4 Gold, 100 Yuan, mintage 600,000
1/10 Gold, 50 Yuan, mintage 800,000
1/20 Gold, 20 Yuan, mintage 800,000

1kg Silver, 300 Yuan, mintage 20,000
5 oz Silver, 50 Yuan, mintage 50,000
1 oz Silver, 10 Yuan, mintage 8,000,000

Asia Weekly Features Panda coins and Peter Anthony

Asia Weekly is a publication of Matthews-Asia. Matthews-Asia is the largest private company dedicated solely to Asian investments in the United States. It manages assets in excess of $19 billion.

Beijing Coin Expo Moves to New Venue

2011 Beijing International Coin Expo

October 11-13, 2013
More coverage coming soon

2014 China Year of the Horse Coins Released

2013 Year of the Snake Lunar coin

2014 China Year of the Horse Coin Mintage:

10 Kg 100,000 Yuan gold ..............18
2 Kg 20,000 Yuan gold..................100
1 Kg 10,000 Yuan gold ................118
5 oz. 2,000 Yuan gold color.......3,000
5 oz. 2,000 Yuan gold rect........2,000
1 Kg 300 Yuan silver...............10,000
1/2 oz. 200 Yuan gold plum......8,000
1/3 oz. 150 Yuan gold fan.......30,000
5 oz. 50 Yuan silver rect.........20,000
1/10 oz. 50 Yuan gold color...220,000
1/10 oz. 50 Yuan gold ..........120,000
1 oz 10 Yuan silver plum.........60,000
1 oz 10 Yuan silver fan............80,000
1 oz 10 Yuan silver round.......200,000
1 oz 10 Yuan silver color........220,000

2011 Silver Panda Varieties Found

Silver Panda varieties have a long history that starts in 1990, with Large and Small Date versions, and continues through 2010 with its date varieties. Partly because several of the varieties from the 90’s have been found to be scarce or rare – and now sell for significant premiums above their more common peers – many numismatists take interest in Panda varieties. has identified a pair of distinct 2011 Panda varieties.

The photos show the differences in eye and ear shapes on the Panda cub and the differences in nose details on the adult. These differences are easily visible to the eye and are significant enough that I expect the varieties to be officially recognized. So far they are being called Large Eye and Small Eye. Examples have been submitted to NGC for grading and variety designation.

Click to enlarge
2010 Silver Panda
2011 Small and Large Date Silver Pandas

World Coin News begins Panda column by Peter Anthony

Beginning in its May issue, World Coin News will feature a column on Panda coin collecting written by Peter Anthony. The column's focus will be to introduce readers to the joys and profits of Chinese Panda coins. World Coin News is published by Krause Publications. Peter Anthony is the host of and author of the Gold and Silver Panda Coin Buyer's Guide and the monthly Panda Pricepedia price guide.

Pandaology 101

Temple of Heaven in BeijingI had a fabulous time yesterday (March 3, 2011) - I taught a college anthropology class about Chinese coins (mainly Pandas and Lunars) and how they are intertwined with China's history, culture and economy. The regular professor said it was the best guest lecture of the year. The students were really attentive and responded to stories like the one about how the Temple of Heaven is connected to the Winter Solstice. They asked me questions like how long have mints made collector coins and are there any coins to commemorate the return of Hong Kong to China, plus dozens more. Afterward the professor told me that one student who hadn't spoken aloud in class the entire semester had asked 4 questions. The future of coin collecting is bright — especially when it includes Pandas!

Items of Interest

Panda Blood May Hold Potent Assailant Against Superbugs

Panda Blood May Hold Potent Assailant Against Superbugs
Researchers have discovered a powerful antibody in panda blood that could serve as the next frontier in the fight against increasingly prevalent superbugs. Read more

Giant Panda Breeding Breakthrough in China

(BBC Dec 5, 2010) As many collectors of Panda coins know, the adorable bruins who grace our favorite coins are an endangered species. Few Pandas still roam wild in the hills of China. This story reports that Chinese scientists have made major progress in creating a new generation of Pandas.

"...we visited a Bank of China branch. There were 77 teller windows. In the central foyer was a display case with gold and silver coins for sale, as if they were pens or tote bags..."(Before Its News)

"The potential for gold buying in this nation of 1.4 billion people... is tremendous..." (Gold Forecaster)